Monday, July 31, 2017

I said Yes.....

This past Saturday the Husband and I took a road trip up and back home to visit my parents.  My dad needed some help with a few things...He's got COPD which means he's walking with Oxygen most of the time...Almost lost him, but he's stopped smoking and he's here...but getting around and being physical like the old days is out of the questions.  So on the road trip up I tour out some magazine and opened my chunky lap journal and went to town...this color blue I'm attracted to like turquoises...

Daredevil in the house was just sold from Woodwalk Gallery in Egg happy to hear that.  I will be up there this August 20th for a evening Receptions.  

Now back to my rambles....So got back home late and a hustle and bustle of people in the house and laundry plus food prep was going on for the week so I kind of hung out up stairs to work on my little collage design book.   So today I thought I would get started on a few ideas but no such luck...or should I say way to much luck....I was invited to be in an online magazine ACS Magazine...and then my hip was bothering me from walking the dogs on the asphalt pavement I I decided to sit and give it a break to record my business receipts etc...and next thing that happen while I checked emails...was I was invited to be in a group show at the Paramount Gallery in Aurora that rotates every few months...I said yes to that.. Now I'm scrambling because that means some time getting ready for it and I wanted to get ready for the Outdoor studio exhibit....Studio Picks this year....again it's all good just need to breath and keep a good balance.   Well best put a move on it'... so glad I got out in the woods this morning...Good medicine to fill the well of ideas with.

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