Monday, July 17, 2017

Begin so many ways

With food, with art....and life we have choices and sometime the choices have reactive side effects. So we begin again or start a new piece of art. My body likes eating Whole..and back to the Whole 30 today...Day 1.
A bed of spinach, with homemade turkey meatballs, they have two eggs, two pounds organic ground turkey, fresh basil, fresh kale, red peppers, onions ground almond meal and fresh garlic salt, ground pepper and a bit of paprika. Half a avocado with ground pepper and small handful of fresh blueberries from the framers market.   Protein, veggies, fat and some fruit...all whole and clean. 

Now out to tend to the yard work so need this to counter a good hearty workshop this past weekend.  My rock I picked this morning said, walk, walk a lot...will see where that all goes with walking behind a I do so enjoy tending the property. 

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