Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Another assignment....underway

I just finished taping and coating the 140 lb watercolor paper to see if I can complete 13 of these small abstract collage landscapes and send them to Dale Copeland, ICE  I've completed a few session like these to New Zealand and then exchanged with other collage artists work from all over the world.  Next year it will be 20 years that she's been doing this.  You have to check her out. Dale Copeland  Just really enjoy everything about there and what's she creates.   
I have a collage workshop coming up and this might be a bigger challenge then I thought.  I've not done a mass collage series like this in along time.  The plan is 13 small collage size - 4" x 8" and mount them on a some mat board and get them ready to ship off....? 

As I was preparing the watercolor paper...I was thinking I'm in between jobs... so to say.  I have things starting up at the end of September classes and more workshop...going to be busy-mad-creative then.  As Julia Cameron says rest in motion and some of us need to announce we are doing something for attention some would say or to really light a fire under our butts.  Anyone else up for the challenge to make 13 collages and send them to New Zealand?  Dale needs them to arrive by August 20th...best make the deadline August 1, 2017 so you can send them out. 

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