Sunday, June 25, 2017

It's been a year of painting

So after the tipi in Jan through mid-march...I'm back it again. Painting the Kitchen.  I never had time to do were young and when the grow some I went right to creating a business in the it really felt good.  When I took down the shelf it was loaded with stuff.   I bought the shelf at a garage sale for plates I think that was what it was made know the fancy plate collections. There's a grove cut in the middle of it.  The words hanging round on the upper part of the walls  were purchased from Artful Gatherings-Lemont IL since closed (sad it was a great place)  I had fake grape vines wrapped around them well I repainted the letters of the words too. Liking the same color thing happening and the old color that was faded popping through.

 The walls and under the cabinets are painted.

it's not your magazine version of a kitchen but it's mine. And I'm loving the fresh look and getting rid so stuff...though I liked back in a day but not today...there are a few things I saved though and rehung. Randy painted the ceiling for me with the long pole. I probably could have done it not as well.  Instead I got the exercise up and down the little ladder with the walls, up and under the cabinets.  He wouldn't have the patience for that. I need to pull out the small piece of artwork I've been gathering over the years other artist and see how I can put them up around the kitchen...maybe?

On to a new week...

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  1. Happy to read your blog, I like the home, all the pictures of homes are perfectly clicked. I also like the color of Cabinet you used. Keep sharing.


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