Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Interesting Luncheon

Today I took a gamble went to the Darien Chamber Luncheon with Westmont and Lisle. I wasn't sure what to prepared for but so happy I had a handful of business cards and practice my elevator speech.  As I signed up I thought wow I'm a business and I pay my taxes and I have something offer to the community so that's good right?

Well I'm happy I went, got me out of my comfort zone and in a place of possibilities.  What possibilities I don't know but I'm making connections and gather business cards too.

Got some helpful hints from the Publisher of the DuPageNeighbor.com  and it was interesting to hear how other business not related to art get the marketing and stuff happening for them.  All I know is I'm in a good place, a manageable place that is and grateful.

Lunch was good and it was at Chuck's on South Cass Ave.

So off to add new emails to my email list...

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