Saturday, June 03, 2017

Cotton Wood fluffy and drums

I've heard every few year...maybe 7 our bodies change. Yesterday and Today have been rough....Not sure if it's the cotton wood fluffy...we have it blowing all over around us.  Or could be lack of puppy and all.

Though for the last two day's I've had a deer hide cut in a circle soaking in cold water to assemble. I finally did it...proud of myself.  I've been afraid to do it...afraid I won't have the right energy or make it wrong and it will not make a good sound...(still won't know that will it dries) Watched some videos got the hide soaking but before I got started I did burn some sweet grass for good energy and did the Ojibwa directional prayers with a sage smudging. Played Brooke Medicine Woman, For My People.... Hummed my way through the process. I have to admit during the assemblage my headache and eye pressure wasn't present.

I checked for center and tried to balance it but seem to be off a bit as you can see by the under side the hide show more then the other side. 

So right now It's hanging from the ceiling fan chain to dry.  To my astonishment the hide.."Skin" is truly amazing I have a new respect for our skin and what it goes through and can withstand. 
I can't believe it's taking me a whole year to do this...been weigh on my shoulders for a long time.
Now to purchase some Acrylic Inks to paint it...not sure what to paint but will be staying open for inspiration. 

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  1. Beautiful! And courageous. One year's time to accomplish something that's scary is pretty damn good!
    But I know what it feels like to have it weigh on you...
    One year can seem like forever, or it can simply be a drop in the bucket.


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