Thursday, May 18, 2017

Printed Feathers

It's when it happens....I'm the busiest and have much to do and then I have to calm my behind down... I could let this go...I tell you I'm so excited...I've seen painted feathers...what a beautiful site they are...and so hard to paint on.  But when it comes to this layers of random printing and stamping..the little ones in this bottom picture were really messy but then as I started working on the others they got the left over and I like them first.  

I will be hanging the larger ones in my van for sure....OM Gosh People...this so cool. 

and you can scan them and put them in your Collage art...


  1. These are beautiful, Laura. I shall have to try your technique, thanks for sharing your idea.

  2. Denise Chingo-Werderitsch4:51 PM

    Oooh...i'd love to see the birds these feathers came from!!


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