Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Meet Gracie

 Hi Everyone, I'm Gracie, 
bloodhound/lab mix 14 weeks. old, born 2/24/17  I was adopted by the Family here and brought home Yesterday about 3:30.  I'm getting acquainted with the big guy Hank...He seems to be pretty cool but he doesn't know me very he barks at me sometimes.

A dear friend of my daughter let us use the blue donut around her neck.  You see my owners here are responsible pet owners and are not planning having me or Hank create our own little families. So got to stay low key for a few days till things heal better.  I fetch well and bring it back and I've got the understanding of Sit going good and my name...Heck that one my take a bit longer but I keep hearing Gracie, Here~ and I keep coming to that and getting lots of praises. 

This is Hank was about 5 or 6 months old the big guy is 6 years going on 7 years old. They got the big ears...but Hank's nose is a bit longer and squarer.

My prayers were answered and we now have a new four legged friend...Hank really missed Carl it's been 6 months since his passing. Hank as stopped howling and that really makes me we're hoping with the hound in her that will happening again.

Hank and Gracie...with Sophie

Sophie is not sure but she's doing the cat's curious thing and checking Gracie out when she's sleeping.  It's so interesting to watch the behavior of these four legged friends...trying to see the animal behavior not what the people think the animals are saying...way different. Giving everyone some Grace and Space...

 around 4mos. old red bloodhound.
Young yellow lab...

posted them to see the difference...

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  1. Nice to meet Gracie! Thanks for sharing the pics and being a responsible dog owner❤️


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