Sunday, May 07, 2017

Emotional Balance....Ramblings.

1998, I was 36 years old at Morton Arboretum photo by Lorraine Tesina

From Enneagram thought for the day type 4

Your Virtue is Equanimity (emotional balance). When we abide in Presence, it is natural for human beings to be aware of their emotional states without being swept away by them. 

What do you need to let go of to experience Equanimity today?

Been having some Aha Moments...spit fires of mini awakenings...

1. Embracing the loneliness and boredom that is enviable at saging age. 
2. Obsessive order doesn't serve me any more-adaptability and flexibility does. 
3. Seeing the seed of expectation for what it really is-I want it the way I would like it. 

Do you ever wonder sometimes why you stumble upon things or how some of us are not lost and wander upon present moments where you met positive direction?  I think for myself, I've always turned to creating or making of something to respond to life.  And to know myself through is small segment of time I'm here on this might earth I so enjoy the messy bits I get to work through and deal with.  Not all are messy bit are terrible there just points of drama, adaptability and flexibility. Blessed I guess...a spot where I say thank you and take my luck where it comes. 

And then The 12 Step Recovery Program for Artists, pops up.  and the article I finally got a chance to read in Professional Artist Magazine June/July 2017 issue page 60. 

As far as I can remember...some 22 years ago I picked up the book "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron.  And every year I go through this times I take a break and there is always a need to grow and this book helps guide me to take the steps to do that.  Maybe not as I'm reading it and going through the task but some where along the line it happens.   So many layers to look at with out staying stuck.  

I'm thinking of starting up another round of it this Mayslake Peabody Estate...beautiful walls and rooms to be in...not heard back yet from that on the dates and time but put my seed into to see if it would grow there. I've facilitated it a few years back,  A bit commitment to your own self-care, spiritually and creativity. With our hurried lives this seem to not fit in for some.  And it boils down to a Love Hate relationship the the author and her perspective on life through these pages that sway a person one way or another. 

So Sunday morning ramblings of insightful clarity through moments of messy bits call Life. 


  1. Received your book Tack Down Tuesdays - love it. Hope to come out from L.A. for your July three day workshop in Naperville. Waiting to hear from the Gallery confirming there's a spot for me.

  2. great Cindy, the Gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday 12-4pm...though classes and workshops go on at other hours...some to answer the phones will be there then. How exciting Can't wait.


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