Sunday, May 28, 2017

Catching up on this past week at Dillman's Part 1.

 Mary Jo outside working with the Nevr Dull.
 Lisa bundled up, a bit chilly and drizzly that day.
 Rebecca mixing color for the next paper making session.
 Kristine sanding the magazine paper.
Dot trying out the sanding with a stencil too. 
 Making grunge paper with a different color besides black...Lili lighten up her palette beautifully.

 The Dillman's Creative Art Foundation also opens up the lodging sections so there were window washers that day as we were working out side with the Nevr Dull.
 Depending how many student there are two many studio spaces to work in and the smaller round house which is a great studio too.  With my workshop we always need the floor space for the paper to lay and dry. The hall way on the one side.
 Then the back hallway.....
 Around the other side...
 And the supply table with all the extra supplies I bring for everyone to use.

 From the back of Studio 2

When I started the Abstract Mixed Media paper the substrate for this paper is a brown paper bag and the materials on the surface are what I plan to use and more. So I like to instructor the students to get there stuff ready and easy to grab and use so you can be spontaneous and have fun.

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  1. Great time learning and discovering a new technique! You are a wonderful teacher Laura! Enjoyed spending time getting to know everyone and hope to make it back to Dillmans Resort in the future


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