Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Getting art ready...Video Chat and hand doctor...OMGosh~

Road trip this weekend... Kind of excited, haven't been up to door count since last year.  When I dropped off artwork at Ginnie's Capparet Contemporary Gallery...this year I've been accepted at Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor WI.   Never know what is a good fit when it comes to Galleries.

So you try them out right and see what happens.  The hardest part is picking out the work, the gallery has a idea of what they would like of you work and you have an idea of what you would like to show...this is when I want someone to come in and tell what to do...well, call it a bit of fear...will I pick up the Right Pieces....well once I lay them out and make a mess of things as of bring things out of storage and unwrapping them and setting them next to each other...then the magic happens...God Help me with this and then I start picking.

The files need to be made of information that will go with it, images, statement, CV's and or Resume's, inventory list and making sure you have you commission's correct on the work.

That's today's agenda....along with a Zoom Meeting...excited to learn about the video chatting...shoot need to get a shower in and look and I got an appointment to have a hand doctor look at my right thumb that is clicking and swollen and sore...falling apart....the tipi did me in...

this little one is heading up to WI...

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