Wednesday, March 08, 2017

My Tree Spirited Journal...

 first pages when you open the journal...who know where it was going....

 Tree Spirited Woman always share about how the hawk was a symbol of letting go.

 this was a fun explosion of many things and image transfer of Black Elk's Prayer in a circle, Tania did that for us.
This was done with plastic wrap under water down acrylics and hi flow acrylics. 
 image transfer of faithful friend...I miss him dearly..

 The images of the old woman came from the internet...ones that I was attracted to.

 Love this one too. We did some ink and feather technique with spraying water..

Trees were a big part of the book and our image transfer lessons...many different ways. my thing in the woods an the small beautiful moments I find my flow...

bring in found paper and working the spread... many layers later...and there you have it...still more to do in the journal.

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