Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Creative Quest Continues...

brought an ad magazine in with all back and white images to use as a value study...I picked the hand as I'm having problems with my right thumb from to much over use...Geeze wiz.... How could that be.
This is Mark Russell postcard used an inspiration for this spread in my chunky journal

working with watercolors and charcoal pencil and playing with light values.  To the papers that I use for the left over inking from the prayer flags.  then the strings I use I tied on the edge of the paper.

Prayer flags are growing the pile...I'll have to start sewing them on a rope soon...Not sure how long to have it. I was thinking of hanging them from the tipi poles.  

 Going with as much color as possible and what I'm attracted too. The warm red/orange is a color I'm surprising myself with this year and with turquoises.

 Feather hang down from the orange, the blue is the top with the white circles.

What can I say.....the beauty of the question is I'm spending so much time in my studio it's really great...but the big tip is a love/hate thing.   I can see in my minds eye finished but the hard part is I still need the studio space to work in on other things...Like packing for demo's and events...no room to move.   Deep breaths and an attitude of gratitude for the space that I do have...it is wonderful to be there any time I want or need to and I just walk up the stairs.


  1. Laura, I cannot WAIT to see your tepee when it is done ! It is soooooooooooooooo colorful and the items you are painting....WONDERFUL!!!!

  2. Thanks Ronda....the thumb is going through some issue and it started with me painting this. I'm hoping I didn't wreck myself for good. As we shared before about hand problems...yikes.


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