Thursday, March 02, 2017

Beginning Ceremony

This morning (Monday)  after yoga I prepared the prayer flags....Smudging them and singing and drumming over one was home it the house so no interruptions it was wonderful. Did I know what I was doing?  Not really but how are you going to learn if you don't try and give it your best shot till more is learned. 

I was so excited to pull out the geli plates and started playing with it.  I'm going to work with blue for a's having to do with space.  There are so many other symbols that one could follow with the Tibet prayer flag creating process with is really an creative active prayer.  But I'm just thinking I will work with the color and value of that..of that color and what ever speaks to me to printed or stamped with.  I have to think ahead...what would it look like to see 60 flags of all the five colors...Blue White, Red, Green Yellow...I guess the colors go in that order.   I used the dried grass as a printing element and also hand sewed them the time it they hand for a few days I'm sure the painted dry glasses will fall off....good practice of letting go~    I'm not expecting master piece of printed's a process of centering the mind and heart and thinking good thoughts and creating.

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  1. Love the whole concept, and the blue is very rich.


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