Sunday, February 19, 2017

Small Abstract Landscape, 1-day workshop

 Tammy is ready to use the tack iron, and comment to the design she's laid out.

 Mary Kay, Mimi, Tania and Pam...head down means we are focused on getting those papers laid out just right.
 Irene, Diana, Gloria and Ann, Reflecting on the choices to be made.

 Mimi selecting just the right piece of paper to make that mid section, where all the drama exciting.

 Darlene, So focused on her two pieces.

 We were able to complete two each of this during out time together.

We had all the same papers to start off with, the choice of color and how it is applied makes the changes in each of them. As they go home the possibility of beads and threads  and other embellishment can continue to add that personal touch these lovely pieces.

More images...

 Mary Kay was help cut the tape....we had a lot to do...12 x 2 each some 24 piece of artwork to cut the tape off with.
 Cutting the tape off...down to the wire of time and needing to clean up a bit.

 Some close ups!

What a great group of Woman and Creative Souls....Thanks Ladies for the Great day together and taking this workshop, Small Abstract Landscapes.


  1. Hi Laura- I really enjoyed this workshop. Both Ann and I were amazed at the amount of work we got done, your very thorough instruction, your complete preparation with supplies and your patience.

  2. What fabulous results from the workshop - you must be an excellent teacher to release such wonderful work in only a day!


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