Thursday, February 23, 2017

it might be time for Prayer Flags-Will you join me?

In creating my vision board this year I knew that I wanted some imaginary from the magazine Happinez   I found this magazine last year when I first did the vision board process and I just love looking at it.  So this year I purchased it too.  What I found myself attracted to was the Prayer flags.  So as this section of my Vision board comes to a close...(every two months I switch a section of my vision board to really focus on)  the hint of the prayer flags is there among all the books on a ladder and cycles which as I shared I feel I'm a end of Ebb cycle... Don't you love the rocks in the upper right hand corner of the on visual balanced in sizes but its balancing. I feel much like that. I have to say I did gift myself with a Moon Stone ring in honor of this card and cycles.   Which I am learning be more patient about the my personal rhythms and cycles.  Worse then a kid some times...always wanting it to be different NOW! 

This is my second card from the vision board and this woman...who is she to me? Why did I pick her?  The orange horse which I've noticed the Red Orange is a color I'm picking lately and my word for the year..natural.   Instead of out side things effecting my thoughts-world situation I can add prayer in to my life more...See the Prayer Flags...Oh my God...Good Orderly Direction, I welcome it in. So this got me thinking about the time a group of us did the Prayer Flags at LaGrange Art League as  workshop and then we hung them outside the gallery for all to see. 

I'm not going to be presenting a workshop at this time.  The students created prayer flags in this workshop but they also Purchased more flags made from good well sheets  that Nancy G. helped sew to flag sizes Some Flags stayed in side the more decorative ones and other knowing the elements would effect them were hang outside.  Note...some how the flags need to slide through the ropes that hold them but if out side they will bunch up so you need to tack them in place on the rope or string you hang them on...Just the nature of the flags...they want to slide together and group up in the middle of the rope hanging.

So there it is some years past and I looked up the site for the Prayer Flags Project.  As not been active for awhile...sent a email to see what's up.  Anyways I want to share it was in the Cloth Paper Scissors March/April Issue 2012 That's 5 years ago...where did that time go?

So around this House the joke is...I was thinking....and the husband responses with out Tools again?  No Dear Husband...I've got all the tools. Well maybe a few more Good Will sheets to make a few more flags....  And I've been wanting to explore my Gelli Plates again...And of using some elements from nature to create print on the flags etc.  

As I opened up the magazine from 2012 and started to read the article again..."Prayer Flag Project, on a mission of hope.   I really feel compelled to do ran up stairs to the studio and layed out the stuff I could grab quickly and laid on another project I have going on..(painting my tipi)  I really wished I had two of me or a wife to take care of my other  

Anyways... From the article that Jane Iafazio wrote: 

The tradition of hanging prayer flags is ancient, dating back thousands of years to India and then to Tibet and Buddhism. I've always loved the Tibetan Prayer flags that you often see hanging in peoples yards and on there porches. 
In June 2011, Vivika Hansen Denegre started The Prayer Flag Project and invited people from around the world to join her in making prayer flags. Each flag would be created in the artist's own style and then hung outside for a while, it's words and sentiment dissolving in the breeze to spread to all whom the wind touches.  

The most common prayer flag are block printing with Buddhist imagery on the rectangle of loosely woven, brightly colored cotton and strung together in groups of 10. There always the same color ans hung in same sequence. 
Five colors are and represent the five basic elements.. (left to right) Blue-space, white-air, red-fire, green-water, yellow-earth. This type of flag is sold commercially throughout the world. 

So these are photo's from when we all worked together to make it happen at LaGrange Art many of us came together for this...Right now I don't have a place set up or the time to prepare for a with that I'm sharing my hand out from what we did together...Creative Prayer Flags Workshop....and if you want to see other ideas of prayer flags artist made...check out an older blog about them on  Art Therapy Reflections Karen Wallaces... or her new site... Art Therapy Blog 

I find at this time with all the classes and workshop there is a stronger need to express myself with my own art therapy and this is one of those ways.... Will you join me?  To see flags hanging in your flower areas or around your garden what a site in the elements and wind knowing a small little prayer was said and is now out to do it's work.

Or did I set myself up for another Creative challenge and  endeavor for the sake of art and life....Yes  I believe so!

Off to teach art journaling....

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  1. Best wishes on your Prayer Flags journey!


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