Saturday, February 25, 2017

Flash....Transformation.....Experience Life, Makers Tale

Coming from a place rich like the earth we walk on a seed of transformation has been planted. I'm  still trying to understand it and what the next right thing it to do...The Only thing I know how to do is create through it.  Even just spreading my dandelion tea over the page first and letting the steep grounds moisture soak into the paper and then I use a comb and kind of ground it all in a bit more...then brushed it off.  Glued my tea bag tag on...which says..

"One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning"  -James Russell Lowell

So I can't help myself...what does this mean?  
Google search and found this...Experiencing a certain skill or struggle will give us a deeper understanding of things compared to just reading or listening from other’s experience.

Artist Date Yesterday on the way to my gallery sitting time at Water Street Studio's, Snuck in a quickie..visit to North Central Collage Osterial Library Gallery to see Studio Conversations

 At this time in my life I've met these three woman, Janice Meister, Carol Weber and Mary Bookwalter which I'm still getting to know and hope to better but in the mean time I am following their work around and enjoying it greatly so much so I've taken a few of their postcards and I'm adding the images of the little homes to my chunky lap journal.  
This is the first page of the journal

I think I'm entering in on a Certain Life Experience Journey....and looking for to what is revealed. 
The words that come to me on this page is, "A sense of comfort from house to home" 

Rambles Now....

from a mindful book I'm reading.. 

I imagined a place of joy, simplicity and peace. I was hoping for a much needed natural high. I realized I was looking for a way to spiritually bypass my emotional pain and the difficulties of being here, in life. Present, I wanted to rise above it all, float on the clouds of spiritual bliss. 

All I had to do was give myself over to it.

With nowhere to go, I had to either tolerate my feelings or run away screaming. This process was to simple stay with my inner turmoil and breathe while my feelings wheeled or stormed. Sit on the meditation cushion and do nothing; let memories, thoughts, and feelings pass on through.

I'm a gal that likes to think I have only two choices....Fight or Flight...Wisdom is teaching me differently. 

Though I'm not on a cushion when mediating of sorts with the art making but it does allow me to experience my feelings, emotions and thoughts in a way that deeper understanding is the end result. I so enjoy this process...

Life is art and art is life.

Note: Treat myself to a mediation Cushion so when the tipi is painted and up in the back yard I can get the full effect of the meditation on a cushion.   Does anyone make this, ?  Maybe I need to learn? 

OK got to stop and get going on the day...Walking Mediation first. 

This is how my mornings go...flash..transform...experience and the story of the maker... 

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