Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Our Carl

Accepting and witnessing the little guy's health slide gently in the grace of Elderhood.  Carl had his check up and he's 15 now had some blood work done and it shows his Kidneys are starting to fail. With a flash of reality....and choices to make we opted to change his food/diet, no more chew's with high protein, no processed stuff and he get homemade Sweet Potato chews I made a few days ago. We don' t know when and how long he'll have with us but we can make it as pleasant as possible.  His Spirits are always high...what lesson we can all learn by that. I myself have begun a bit of grieving for his lost.  I now he's here still with us...but can't stop what is real from rising up...

He has stopped coming up stairs to the studio with me...His judgement of sight isn't as good as it was before when he goes down stairs...best take his lead on that...he knows when it's not safe. But he's still my side kick buddy. Because of his hearing loss...Hank our Great Dane has been a motivator to get him to listen...Hank will jump up on his hind legs and come down on his front one and you can feel the movement in the floor...before you know it Carl come from where ever he is...so amazing how the watch out for each other. As Crazy as it sound...Carl is smaller but in the Dog world that doesn't matter...Carl is the Elder and runs the house.  And Hank Respects it.

OK...On with the day's agenda and feel better about our situation with Carl and his health....a gently easy does it way of life now.

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