Sunday, December 04, 2016

Hunker a book or four embracing Dyslexia

Last Section of my Creative Vision Board....
warm with a sweater a good book and a cup of tea
 in grossed in words, stories and day dreams. 

Too funny how things work out....A quote from a meditation book I read in the mornings..."Today I am learning to embrace my complexities and contradictions and to be grateful for the richness they bring."

I love books....the covers, the pages, the smells and the knowledge in them that I struggle sometimes to grasp and have to use other ways to comprehend them so it really sinks in.   I also love making books as of journals.  I know there are whole lot of other that like them too.

This morning NPR sent out a email that I snag on to now and then  this morning it was about What is Dyslexia  and also the audio Unlocking Dyslexia  

Amazing being a dyslexic person...which is hard for people sometimes to believe, I've had to over come many obstacles and still have flashbacks and fears around it.

I sit in the morning hours before most people wake in the homestead here. Alone at the kitchen table with the sounds of the house and the light of a candle.
I'm reading stories from The 13 Original Clan Mothers, following the months.
Kent Nerburn's book-Calm Surrender- Walking the Path of Forgiveness,
Seven Philosophies for Native American Woman,
Studio Stories-Illuminating Our Lives Through Art.
The Artist's Rule-Share this with my book club...over the past year,
And my personal spiritual studies....

Besides reading them I underline things as a way to help me comprehend, looking words up for better understanding and listening to the word being said when I use the internet/google...then I will type out these areas that I've underlined. (got files saved on many books I've read)   And if I find a willing soul I'll share the notes with them...Like we can connect this way? ...but what I'm finding out this is a complex way I've found to help myself learn...and not everyone is or chooses to read and study like this.

It's all good because what is most important is there are many ways to learn and feed my need for knowledge and despite the dyslexia it's my mountain to climb and while I'm doing that as the quote from Rosa Macaulay shared the Richness this all brings to my life.

Filling my well of many topics,  be it personal and bigger then I....the point of this blog post was the relationship on my vision board with the woman, book and a cup of tea or coffee.   How despite the complexities of reading and writing I still hungry for the words, audio or writing....And when listening to the Audio of NPR this one surely speaks loudly...luckily know that my son has dyslexia early lead us on a path like the little girl in this segment.

OK rambling but also exploring....feeding my needs I guess you say.


  1. Thank you for sharing, Laura! My husband has dislexia too and I know what kind of obstacles you have every day!

    1. Sending Hugs right back's not that one is asking for sympathy. It's more that information about it is being found and understand better to help people. I watch my son excel with the same help that they talk about. We were very blessed to have a good school system back then when my son was going through the rougher parts of school. The heart ache though that my parents when through without knowledge...Oh I feel for them.

  2. I have dyslexia, too, but in a mild form. Mine is an inability to memorize, which leads to spelling and math problems, and I've never been very coordinated. Left, right, east, west...who cares? You learn to compensate. I never knew that it was a problem for me until it showed up in one of my sons, then I put 2 and 2 together. Maybe it's not such a handicap when it gives you the ability to think differently.

    1. I agree Janet...that it's not a handicap in the sense of them but a way of stronger learning. When my son was going through his most difficult time with accepting it all himself...the research showed that the people that have dyslexia use different part of their brain more then the people with out so that means they are using area's that open up more of the brain...and makes them smarter or as in my son's testing he has a higher IQ then most...which is testimony to the finds I found about dyslexia.


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