Sunday, October 09, 2016

Living Life to its fullest

 Taking the time to show interest in a family member's accomplishments has me wanting to really feel this one.  So for about a week, little hints where blurted out,  "You going to give your mom a ride?"  I "I want a ride in your Car",   and so just the other day it came true...

It's a bit rough on the insides, mainly because it had to be stripped clean and started from scratch with Jake building a roll cage bars for it.  His wielding knowledge went right into good use as he custom built it to fit his car. Coming close to Year 4 on this build...I keep forgetting the important details/jargon that the men folk get into but I believe it's a 91 Mustang body but not sure what the engine is...No I do know what the engine is's FAST...(planted me back in my seat)  So now he's find tuning things with the computer and it's road ready, there is still the cosmetic parts to finish up.  So very proud of him....though it's taken it's toll on the father/son relationship many times....two men folk in a garage working....get tenses two women in the kitchen..which I've experienced that many times...but if that's our problems what problems to have...thankful. So I've officially been in a race car and gone fast...(only half a block...but a fast safe half a block)

On to Collage-Sketchbook to Canvas....class at Mayslake Peabody Estate,

 With creating papers for our collages...some time the solids colors get lost in all the playfulness and we have no areas to rest I decided to start us off with them.

Missed a few ladies when I was taking the pictures...Martha, Alice and Barb...Good class started and a great place to be in...this old building with windows on three sides...nature all around us...we're blessed. 

A quick view of that gals creating the solid papers....we have been working in our sketch books for the past week and still need to do one more to start understanding out composition.  And this next week we will create some stained tissue paper and sand some magazines to add to our palettes.  Every time I teach a workshop which is usually three days I have very one loosen up and just create with a playfullness and no ideas where it's going to...I personal enjoy doing this but it's not easy for everyone. So being aware of this I create lesson plans with more direction and purpose...Give Assignments is another way to look at it. (sometimes it's so quiet...I'm not sure if their enjoying themselves..and afterwards I walk out of the room,wash my brushes etc. and their chatting away....then I walk by them and the remarks are I'm having so much fun..."Adult Play Time")

 So in my sketchbook I have this collage sketch and being I'm on this "Healing Circle" thing and the circles being mostly red I decided to go with the flow and use this one for class as a piece to walk them through as they are doing theirs.    I can't help myself when I see others being creative I can't stand or sit and do nothing. (it just kills me)  Yesterday I got up stairs ...crappy nights sleep and not feeling the best for company I took that all to the studio and created my second collage sketch from the first one.. What I want the students to see and we talked about it that there will be changes going on...evolve with them."Go with the Flow"    I see areas where I want to do something it my mood/emotional state or where I am for the day with life that will effect these changes and the sense of balance and composition...all are factor in using your own collage sketches as reference pieces. At least for this class it is.   I had them sketch out the basic composition first...with pencil so that could get a start and then finding magazine paper to fill the spot...that's always the hardest to do along with copying your own work/sketch...

 Yesterday I was at Lola's and they had a nice selection of Dolcezza clothing there for an little event as we enter into the Autumn season.   Spent the good part of the afternoon there from 11-3pm...If you're looking for some different clothing then the normal at your local shops you should check this place out...

So part of being in between or be it the coming down from a very busy time I try hard to fill the well (My mind, body, soul thing)  with new images, experiences and clearing the mind.  So that means I saturate myself in the woods...No this isn't a picture of the woods...It's Honey Jam Cafe' in Bolingbrook IL.  After a 6 mile walk in the woods I treated myself to a date for breakfast, They had a salmon plate with spinach and I had two eggs over easy and some hash browns a cup of coffee and just enjoyed the moment of good food cooked for me, the people and the surroundings. 

What's this you might say???? it's Butternut Squash Soup....I had gone to Market and saw they had the butternut squash cut and on sale...(always hard to cut the squash) so I grabbed two packages.   I had bone broth already made in the refrigerator and some roasted sweet potatoes.   I got the oven going after coming back from my good breakfast and popped the butternut squash in there...let it roast as I chopped and cleaned other veggies and put them away.  I even cooked up some fresh cranberries and made a relish getting ready for the holidays, Smells and Tastes..Oh My Great Spirit..can't wait.  Anywho...when it was all roasted I blended the sweet potatoes, bone broth and heated it all and then thought...Hmmm I had picked up a bag of shelled pistachios why not use them crushed on top...well I might have put a bit to much but it's so thick and good.  I had it for Breakfast yesterday and will have it today too.

Moving on to more....
The creative process is so much more then just what people think...there is all this rich living that has to be done and that enriches the creative My dear friend reminds me...Life is Art and Art is Life.

Back to the post before this... Moon Cycle Circle

Using all of life as part of our ingredients/experiences for being the Makers of Things...and the continued learning process of life, friends, relationships our homesteads, which becomes the need to inspire ourselves I feed off of ways to understand the process I personal go through..grow with.  

I share this  sheet which is a combination from many hours of art process talk with my dear friend Lorraine, life and books.  What can I say...I feed on this stuff.  People want to create art...their art...and masterpieces and be good at...its the parts in between...You know Life has to be lived duality.  Complete the circle...called life then if we are the Makers of Things we get to share that with others so the experience continues to be shared.  

Time to keep Living Life to its fullest 

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