Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Finished the talking stick

Talking stick II
Deer hide-gentleness, intuitive, grace, heart
    energy, and sensitivity  
Shaggy bark hickory branch-balance, strength,
    flexibility persistence
Rabbit-Words must come from the heart.
Crow feather-balance, release from past  
   beliefs, skills and cunning
Great horned owl feather- stops deception
    from entering the sacred space
Pheasant feather- attracts love and creativity
Red East, birth-Life Faith and happiness
Yellow South, youth- Knowledge and courage
Black West, adulthood-Clarity, Focus, Success, Victory
White North Elder- sharing, purity, spirit and light

Abalone shell bead-stimulates intuition
Turquoise beads-protection, heals emotion,
   balance, stability, peace
Bison button- Strength, abundance and gratitude
Horse hair-mobility, stamina, strength and power
Copper beads-connections powers, transfers warmth 

Did some research today to find out what the meaning of all the objects used are and then made this tag to hang off the talking stick...I always forget when asked..this way it's there hanging on the end of the stick. For the longest time I had on my list there to the side of my posts...make a talking stick...with the retreat I was able to focus a bit easier on starting it.  

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