Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 2....Busy one..

 Many papers were made....I was cracking the wipe on them...LOL  No really for the time of drying and over thinking...I make sure we move things along pretty quickly.  Keeps are natural instincts at there peak performance.(its called becoming young again-as Picasso states)  Using the Gesso as a resist and the different papers that were brought out to use, it was simply staged on the board for  references....hard to remember it all....I thought I  heard a whisper..."What did she tell us to do?"  Though there is a handout that is giving..hard to open the folder with our paint stained figures so I shared, take a picture on you phone of it and you have it that way to print out at home to remember.  This day and age...amazing in ways.

 Quick one of these two Ashwini and Roberta in back...intensely work on the surface of the Brown Lunch Bag.
 Judy...scanning the color palette make a choice about what color will be next....

 Oh Bette...she was lost in Bliss with all the choices....and she was making them one after another. Look at the awesome papers.
 Next to Bette is Pam and she was whipping out the papers and filling the floor behind her.

 Little ditty here,  A 4 x 4 collage demo. layering papers, glazing and shadowing then move into the sgrafitto, stenciling, stamping and gestural marks with a drawing medium.   Starting off with a Horizontal line as the intro composition, which then still stays there but it changes as we ad more placement of papers and we react to them.

So Darn excited yesterday morning I had to share a selfie....Dare I say I'm in Bliss to when I'm sharing all this in a awesome setting of willing creative people.  Can't wait till we get going and assembly all the papers today with the tack iron.

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