Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Did some Soul Collage at the Retreat too

Presently I'm working with my vision board and I've cut my board, not literally but use the computer to make cards for myself so I can work a section a time...goofy but it's working.  Here are the two cards I made at the Retreat...I already know that Nature is my religion and the Earth is my church.  But as I walked the table I spotted the white horse and the woman standing with her back to the pick up truck and the chickens at her feet.   the tipi and the little dog was given to me by June an artist at the table behind me.   She thought I was missing my tipi.   Actually I've got a new cover and liner come soon so I'm seeking inspiration for what I will paint...loving the black and white combo.

Staying open for inspiration, insight and direction seems to be where I'm at right now...especially with learning new things....

Feeling a bit blessed with all that is going to the woods to walk in the rain...

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  1. Feeling blessed too, with all that is going on.
    "Cutting" parts of your vision board -- NOT SILLY. It's the same simple, but effective strategy you teach using viewfinders; seeing composition of the elements in new ways and how it can affect meaning. I play with editing my photos - favorite tool is cropping. Then maybe some filters to play with contrast and intensity.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck with your online class!!! Your students are fortunate to learn from someone who loves learning!


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