Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Gearing up and preparing papers....

This workshop is not a open is just for the patients of Little Company of Mary Hospital.  Last year I did a workshop with collage and the tack iron and I've been invited back to do another one.  So happy do that too.  I'll be coming with a purpose though this time.  We are going to build a Dream house with a Red Roof.   I'll be preparing papers for some 20 students.   Time is something I need to be aware about and how the body of the woman work.  Some times the Chemo and med's don't make them feel to good and the fingers don't work as they would like.   Frustrating I know but Art has a way of helping them heal and that's why I can come in and do this workshop.  Carol Wilson has been there Art instructor/therapists/friend and all around good egg for many years.  Some one made a big donation to her cause and now she's able to bring in artists like myself to present a workshop like this.

Side note....for those that might be wondering...I'm now on # 31 of my horse sketches...over the hump and working on finishes this assignment.  Like I needed to give myself more work to do..but as Julia Cameron shares...sometimes making art is like having a quickie...and that's what my sketching session are Quick little focused moments.

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