Friday, August 26, 2016

The Stuff we Save....and Starline Gallery Tonight..

 Red dots...are growing in the back corner...

 Things that other cool things can find a new home in and canvases...boxes for those types and you know who you the mixed media world.

 This is the master bathroom that never has been used for it's intended house artwork and frames ready to come downstairs in a just under two weeks.

 Our poor unfinished home..which has been good to us and allowed me to store till the cows come home...artwork and some misc...ready to come down stairs too.
 Stuff to go through yet....
 And then more stuff to go through...
Empty sheets of Red Dots.....

For two days...I was procrastinating on do this part of the journey of getting prepared for the  Red Dot Studio Flip...I'm in it thick..once I pull it all out then I can switch over the keeper stuff and then stack this stuff up...Great kind of Drama to have...starting to get all excited about this...  But now I have to stop and take a shower for the Reception tonight in Harvard IL.

4th Friday at The Starline Factory Gallery...really cool place. 6-9pm  Nancy Merkling and her team have been putting on these events for some time now.

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