Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sketching continued~

Taking a moment of time in the morning, mid afternoon or after dinner it's been 6 weeks of sketching and I've formed a happen.  And well I enjoy it and don't want to stop the quickies.   Knowing that I was almost done with sketching all 50 image out of the book I prepared to continue to move forward on this and took pictures last week of the horse hoofs.  As I share with a dear friend and art buddy, taking the picture is one thing but then used my sense of touch an ran my hand down the leg and felt the part just above the nail/hoof of the foot.  It's mushy...who would think that.  But it brought a new perspective to my knowledge of the object I would be sketching.  I've always been the one that had to touch the art...Heck just this weekend I went to the Oak Brook Art Fair and asked permission to touch a piece of sculpture.  it was a rusty piece of big round ringlet...don't know why, No that's not true I do know why...I need to bring in the learning, observing from all senses if I can and touch is awesome with the tips and whole hand.   Triggers things inside me.

So I continue my sketching practice....Like my tack down Tuesday's...I don't know when they will end...they've become part of my art life.... Off to do some yoga...good day for listen from with-in.

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