Saturday, August 20, 2016

Packing up and heading out...Road trip again

The opportunity to submit my work was given to me as part of my Nancy Merkling Award, this time I entered 4 piece which was the limit.  Happy to say that they were all excepted but......that means a Road Trip in to Harvard IL...both ways it's like taking a trip to my parents..a good 3 or so hours depending on weather and traffic.   I was just sharing with another artist a few days ago....If you were giving advice to another artist what would it be?    I would say Learn how to haul you art and be prepared to drive the distance. Thank God I can deduct my miles...

So off to drop off work today at Starline Gallery for the 4th Friday August 26th Event, this place is truly amazing the walls and gears left over from the day....Story of Starline Check it out 

 Communication, R we really listening? 36 x 36 Collage on Canvas
This piece is a larger study of a smaller piece. At the time of making this I was also doing some research on communication and to my surprise listening is a major part. So R we really listening when we communicate? 
 For the Love of Stacking 8 x 8 Collage on watercolor paper
Looking through my pictures I found my photo of the stacking rocks. I went upstairs to work in my studio and just couldn’t move things stacked all over. I needed to clean my studio before the next project. So in honor of my Stacking Addiction I created this piece.

 Flow of Letters 8 x 8 Collage on Water color paper
Always experiment and exploring different ways I can make paper. Deciding to sandwich poster board letters and reinforcement rings, with tissue paper and acrylic stain was one way to do that.  Use the elements as a guide, creating lines on tracing paper by printing and the repetitive shapes.

Poke Salad Annie 36 x 36 Collage on canvas
This piece started from a series where I used my smaller pieces of art as an inspiration to create larger one. As I was creating this piece my husbands was in his garage working and the music was playing Tony Joe White’s Poke Salad Annie, which became the title of this piece.

And Intentional 12 x 12 collage on wood panel, needs to be dropped off at Naperville Art League to day to replace the piece that sold..hope I can get in there in time before it closes...timing for dropping off the other pieces is tough.    

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