Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just when your ready to give happens

As I'm driving for my horseback riding lesson last night trying to prepare myself with some centering and balance talk and..a few prayers, yes prayers.  I think about my past lessons and remind myself I'm really trying and giving it my best.  The thing is my Best is very immature and new at this.  I try to focus on a few things each time I go...and just thankful I didn't fall off or didn't run into anyone and cause a bit of chaos with other horses... The get a bit moody about things if some are to close and who's in charge kind of stuff.   So here's the stable and arena's at FitzJoy that I go to.  This week I talked to the owners Daughter/teacher and let her know if I'm causing a bit of trouble with my inexperience riding abilities to let me know so I can go to a different day.   

Here's Gally....not a very good picture of him but this is after the session and we got to unsaddle and bridle then take them to be hosed down with water to wash off the sweat and cool them off.  So with an apple as a treat and some hay Gally's mind is not on looking up for a photo op.  But I'm happy to say that Gally has a smoother Canter then Lee and those gals that set up the daily schedule of who will go out and be ridden that day graced me with an good guy...I was able to canter both directions...I have to say I was dragging disappoint me around...but I payed for my lessons and I know I have a few more left and need to at least finish them before I even thing of giving up...or stopping but with this new understanding of how I was doing things wrong with my feet.  Oh my clicked...and I think back Maggie?s told me this along what do to but my dyslexic mind didn't connect...till now. So many things to be doing that effect the's daunting but also truly amazing how these little movements can tell the horse what to do..Genius is what say.

Other things that are going on too is You have to have a strong Core....which I might have when I was younger but not any along with the riding lessons the body needs to be worked...Yoga I understand is a good one to get that going...might have to vamp that a bit more..but I do notice it from my begins lessons the difference.

All new learning experience...and so happy I didn't give up before it all started to click in...might we do that has human's?  Give up when in fact it we stick it out and see what happens one more time.   Now as I work and function...I'll forget it all and then have to be a repeat offender and begin again..but that's Ok...Not every time will be I'm working with many variables to factor in.

I'm just so darn Happy...I did it...I Cantered with my horse.   Can't get photo's because I would drop my phone in the arena some where and that would be good and I would probably loose my grip in the saddle...then what would happen?


  1. Love the title of this...I keep hoping it will happen with my forays into abstract art. Thanks for the reminder. :D

  2. I love this - used to ride as a child, but havent done it for years! It is a challenging experience, but wonderful to experience! Your blog post made it all come back..

    1. Take a ride again...I just love being around them wonderful legged creatures.


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