Sunday, July 31, 2016

Reflections on Mineral Point WI-Shake Rag Alley

Yesterday I caught up on a few computer things and then headed out to the's become a wonderful habit to do after a workshop, event or little road trip.  It's about processing the images, people, time and space. I know I need more time lately to do this as I venture in the second half of my life. I'm grateful for that too.  As I began my walk  I was greeted by a young red tail hawk in the tree limb very low, it didn't fly away which was unusual.  They don't like to be to close to us human I continued walking and took it as a little blessing.. Lot of the path was washed away by the flooding rains the past two days but one had to be watchful and adventure to get through those spots.   I was lead or guided by a Baltimore Oriel for long way on the path...thought that was sway back and forth in from of me...again for along time and up in the pine branch as I walked under. Feeling very blessed and open to receive....As I walked there were a few others out there...which was another odd things...A family with Twin boys...riding there bikes and a mother walking very little ones boy/girl having 25 years old twins...I said to them We do survive and get through it all.   I ended with a wonderful dance from a hummerbird moth at the bee balm...I was wondering for many weeks now if I would see one again and there it was.    So my time to process and reflect ended with a wild life adventure...or I forgot a doe also ran out in from of me on the path.. 

 Myself, Doris my cousin and Jane Wilcoxson at her gallery in Mineral Point...we had to do a selfie..I know I'm a bit late on the self crazy but it's fun and not easy to do because we as humans have become more self conscious and want all to be perfect before a photo is taken...but I love the Real Awesome Wholesomeness of it.  Yes it's to say we were there and to market a friends gallery but so what... using technology in the good way.   We spend a long time there talking about many a great things.  I meant Jane when I took a few Life Drawing session some years a go in Naperville at the Woman's Club...

 At first I thought it was real but had to get a close photo of it ...lots of morning dove around.

 A little history about the Name Shake Rag... Doris and I explore a good walking path that lead us up where the mines were and we got a good site of the town this way too.  We packed it all in as best we could in two days.

Jane's Gallery it! all the grasses and tall Milkweeds. 

I loved this building and gallery space...Brewery Pottery the end of town down from Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts and Crafts. We chatted with Diana a while there too.


  1. Sounds like a very cool place! I love that wooden dove!! I also love how you appreciate and take in all your wildlife sightings!

  2. Oh thanks was a great experience...not as good a Colorado I'm sure but any time away like this is the best. Right?


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