Saturday, July 02, 2016

Playing with Image transfers

Well I started this before I went to South Dakota.  I wanted to finish it for a submission on "Ourselves from Another POV-(point of view) with the 33 Contemporary Gallery at the Zhou Bro.Art Center.  So Happy to say it's done and submitted.  Working with poses of models I've altered the magazine image and sanded off the face of the model and altered the dress she was wearing some what.  Then I make a copy of it on a Transparency and altered that even more with sand paper.  Then I get it to what I like and make an image transfer.  Adding the hair and the face later with acrylic paints. The background paper with the lines is left over from my being totem piece which I will have to make more some day.  I do like it a whole lot.

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  1. Great idea for image transfer, I'll have to try it.


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