Thursday, July 14, 2016

48 more to go....

This is the book I got at the library,  I just now did a little google search...Oh my gosh, glad I didn't do that before I went to the library. Overwhelmed would be an understatement.  Keeping it simple.  I completed yesterdays sketch today and did another one.  2 done and 48 more to go.  I'll see if I can do this. Like I need more added into my day.   Just got informed if I want anything in the Neighbor magazine I need to submit it by August 1st and got offered to do a meet the artist gig as a clothing store that will have some of the Dolcezza Designs...Wow that one came in out of left slipping in a couple of drawing a day...I've only got two weeks. Well I could renew it but I like the challenge to get it done in the two weeks. The way I figure if I get through the book then I can maybe do some real life sketching.  That's the plan. 

A quick selfie before I left for riding lesson last night...they got cancelled about 15 minutes in to the hour.  Storms were bad and spooking the horses. I was doing good to....well that's the way it goes.  Cause as soon as I leg motioned to go into a trot...Wyatt went into a wild cantor and cut in early and was doing his own things till I got a big pull on the reins and release to stop.  There's sensitive creatures.

 Got a good meditative 6 mile walk in this afternoon.


  1. Good for you! I, for sure, want to see your drawings! I loved the easy flow of this blog. I seemed like you were just talking to us.

  2. I was talking to now to stick to the assignment. As I make these assignment a flood of other things come into I'll have to work at sticking to it as you well know.

  3. Wild pop-up storms here in FL spook me too, but the lightening is so beautiful!
    Your horse sketching challenge has got me thinking I should start drawing again. I'm all over the place! Got a landscaping project going, painting doors so Bob can get the door knobs on while still unpacking boxes!
    Like you said, "stick to it."


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