Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wind, Hank and setting up camp again.

I shared this picture of Hank on Facebook a few days ago..when the winds were gently blowing and the birds were singing into the morning.  Between some hot spells of weather.  I was sitting out on the patio there and the dogs usually are around me with Sophia our cat looking out...she doesn't go out side inside kitty.

At this point now of the day it's evening and dinner is done cooking and I'm winding down, I'll take a shower and relax into the night.  Wake up early and being the journey around Lake Michigan to upper parts, Frankfort MI for a three day workshop...This thought came to me as I was running around at the store....I'm making camp in a new place again...but only for a weekend then back home again....Never pictured this in the cards....but grateful to the many opportunities I've been given by this all.

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