Saturday, June 25, 2016

So much to share....

Our first encounter with a buffalo...

Seeing the burro's out in the plains...with nothing around them, could be the people were stopping at this pull off area so that attracted them.

Then there was one that was in the middle of the road...and we drove up to him and well he allows us to take few picture of him in exchanged for the use of the side mirror for scratches in his head. He didn't enter the window and we didn't encourage him just was a moment to enjoy.

OK Can you find the prairie dog?  

Some Pronghorns out there...not big herds just a few here and there.

This was so special to see....the Mountain Goats on the shady side of the mountain.
We traveled in to Sturgis  but we weren't impress and thankful it wasn't busy. But this is from Bear Butte and just close by these  people from the some area want to encroach on the State Park but the Native People were able to help the say No so the state part will now be open for Sturgis Bikers to roam and ruin the area.  But what we were there a special event was coming to completion.
Looking from Bear Butte we had wonder what the haze was about and found out from a lightening strike a forest fire started. 
Can you see the two buffalo out there....?  Well when the Sacred Hoop Runners started to come they got excited and a Native Park Ranger let us know that the buffalo think the runners are wolves and are going to get them so the get all excited and antsy.  

Before we knew it the buffalo were on there side...the Park Ranger said those silly buffalo.

Before the Children and Grandchildren Came running up the road to Bear Butte the Buffalo Crossed in front of them...Which we were told the Wise Man and predicted to the children so this was so spiritually awesome to witness.

We chatted with the Elders, their Grandmother's,  and found out this was a Family affair and they had run the day before at Devils Tower with there Daughters. And the Fathers and Son did earlier. They came in and headed to the Sweat Lodge below and will have a big dinner later this night. 

I had some chilly spiritual stuff happening as I witness this and Randy was talking with the One Grandmother and she said there is problem with Meth and Heroin there....Doing the family things is so big in their traditions and we all are dealing with some form of addiction in our just hit me the timing this whole vacation/ anniversary trip has been a blessed experience for sure. We had no Idea this would be going on at this time we drove up there.  With Permission I share this video.

There are ties all over the place, I'm sure for prayer and blessings. Didn't ask at this point it was time for us to go as it was their celebrations...

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