Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Skate Decks found, and Michigan's workshop is set up.

After packing up for the workshop I had some room in this one area of the studio to pull out some stuff and found the box of Skate Deck...I had hope to teach a class...but that was some 5 years ago...but now I found them and can use them for a exhibit. 

 Supplies for Michigan-Oliver Center for Arts...not as much as Dillman's but we are going to have a great time for sure.

 Here's my spot in Frankfort...MI...
 And behind me is the sand and lake's a bit cloudy today and more rains coming in tonight...I'm just in walking distance to the Center..this is going to be cool to walk to work~

 Third floor, thankful for the cart and elevator I was able to bring thing up and set them up.

 There is a smaller group but I'm sure we will have a great time and I brought my supplies and then bring theirs...More the marry.

 Prefect room for what we need.

 Entrance to the Center.
 This building is so cool.  A Coast Guard building..I'm sure I will find out more about tomorrow for the people there. The real Coast Guards are night next store in another building.
Area where we aren't allow to go..but you can see the clouds hanging low.

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