Saturday, June 25, 2016

On to the Sculpture Park....heading out of Sioux Falls to Rapid City

 They were so cute and just stood there as we drove up....slowly I told Randy to go and they will move as they see the van moving towards them and that they did.  Something about a cows yes that gets ya every time.

This guy had his work in the Sculpture show in Sioux Falls too a few years back. Something to have it out there in the Wide Open of the Plains....the Wind was heavenly. I could have stood there all day.
Porter Sculpture Park
Love the smile on this guys face. 

There were four of the ram guardians but I cut one off in the shot...

As Randy says get in the  shot so we can see how big it really there he is in the shot. 

All made from Railroad plates...and other materials too.

 OK this is the scary part....When I looked in there, it was dark and hard to see with my own eyes but then when I took the picture this is how it turned out...kind of cool.  Creepy but cool the way the light worked.
 Then Wayne, I think that was his name warned us about the bats in there..well they weren't real...but looked real..again kind of cool.  

 The Fish bowl.
And the Sculpture having to express Joy and pain....And Randy walking up to the little hut area to where we checked in.  We chatted a bit longer with Wayne and Randy comment to him...all pretty cool but might need a bit of Therapy.  Lol.

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