Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happy Anniversary to Us

Our new anniversary Gift to each other. 

We saw Becky's work in Sioux Falls and both were draw to it. And then found out that her work was in the Warrior's Work Gallery  Which we again so enjoyed.  So down the street to the Sculpture on the Hill exhibit and there she was with her work. We looked through whole show and choose her work for the people choice award.  Chatted and found out her work is all so in a gallery, Artemisia Geneva IL   Just such a small world and so many great connections.


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two! Looks like it was a very special trip indeed. I'd like to know more about why you both were drawn to becky's sculpture...The photos you posted helped me feel your emotions. So beautiful on so many levels - but the fact that you SHARED it all with EACH OTHER is the most beautiful. I hope you both enjoy another 30 years together!

  2. Happy Anniversary !!!! What a wonderful piece to mark the occasion. Have fun.


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