Saturday, June 25, 2016

Crazy Horse

 The parking lot...amazing. They say the four presidents head of Mount Rushmore are equal to the head of crazy horse.
 Waiting for our time in the Theater to gather all the information about the start to where the statue status is now. But looking a that dresses hanging on the wall was cool.

 Not sure but I think this is a winter map....well they were made by one person and documented a the years events.
 Honoring some of the main Chiefs with these beautiful paints.

 After we got out of the Theater we walked out to this back side and these amazing large windows and there is a small bronze sculpture to the real one behind.

 Had to take a picture of the drum and some of the rattles. The Crazy Horse statue is to represent all Native Tribes and what they stand for the good of the people and earth.

 Some old machinery that is retired now.

 another statue its truly amazing

 At this point we were walking through the build with all the wonderful artifacts and hear the announcer say that Darren Thompson would be preforming in 10 minutes.  This was so great I had hope to see him playing his flutes but didn't expect it yesterday while we were there. I though we would have to come back at night.  Which would have been cooler and I'm sure a light show would be happening. but time worked out and there a young buck came out below the area which was kind of cool for all the warm of the day and people around. Symbolism...?

Here is the stage and Darren Thompson playing.   He's going to be on Jim Falon's show in November this year and you'll see him with Ozzie and his son with a show that is coming out soon. I meet him while presenting a demo for Dillman's a few years back in Addison. He's from Lac Du Flambeau Reservation, a Ojibwa Native American.  I walked up to him and he remember me...we only met at that it's awesome to witness this all. I wish him the best as he stand strong on bring back and introducing the Flute making and personal songs he plays.  

A wooden beautiful in this scenery. 

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