Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Vote on a Workshop Option for October

Help me Help you 

with a Workshop at Naperville Art League, 
Naperville IL 

Saturday October 15th and Sunday October 16th 2016- Vote on the Side Bar  to you Right 

1. Image Transfer Gala Collage Workshop- This two day workshop would force on image transfers in black ink on you collage papers. We would learn how to alter the image and add color to them...
2. Collage Sketchbook Basic Weekend workshop, here we would go through the basics in design and composition in a workshop setting...introducing  you to collage mediation to a final collage done on watercolor. Fast pace not thinking just doing the exercises to relearn the basics in design. 

3. Workshop dedicated toward build a palette of collage papers, working with Gesso, stains, stamping printing, resists, Nevr dull  to sanding and Citra Solv.   No collaging will be done just making papers for two days and freedom will be had by all. 
   4. This class will involve you  bring in photographs of the landscape around you and we will creates some papers and then construct a collage in abstract form to wood panel, Fall is a great time for this with all the great warm colors. 

5. Abstract Landscapes- working with a horizontal line-High or Low we will create collage papers and assemble mini collages on watercolor, makes great gifts.  

So I have this opportunity to present a workshop and I want to hear from you what workshop you might be interested in doing with me.  I have a poll on the side bar there so pick as many as you want the one with the most votes I will present at the Naperville Art League Center and Gallery in October on the 15th and 16th this year.  For those interested there are many hotels around to stay if you would be traveling in. 

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  1. Maybe you could offer this as an online workshop too, Laura? I would be very interested.


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