Friday, May 13, 2016

moving on....

So I took my morning walk in the woods...a bit damp and very green few others out there but over all a good medicine to be out there.

Then afterwards I went to the little Lithuania restaurant to have breakfast and take notes on week one of the new artist way book.

I'm back with the group on line sharing and need to be accountable for my weeks. So got my walk in  and my Artist Date was breakfast.  Nothing special but good food.  Love the potato cakes that make there.

I'm also at this mid point on my vision board...the way mine worked is I was able to break it down in to 6 sections so June is mid way and this is my third section I keep out and in my face to see each day.  I so needed the Spin Stress into Success.

For three weeks I've been working at the grant submission for 3Arts, May 18th was the deadline.  I'm happy to say with the help of a few people I was able to submit it all yesterday...What a relief.  This opportunity came a time when I was spinning with other work related things and to slip one more into that was a big challenge.  And to get what wells in my heart out on paper in a smooth read is always a challenge.  Again I'm so very grateful to the kind souls that nominated me, bless them.  Now it's time to get back to business...I leave in one week for Dillman' teach a workshop for 5 days and a visit in with my parents.

Life is so full, as the grass it in my job on the list today it cut it and be out side.

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