Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day....Easy does it

I didn't get into the woods like I normally do when I get back from a workshop.  Heck I was in the woods the whole time for this workshops.  I was filled with green in every color and then some. 

All is unpacked and there was time to be in the studio yesterday.  I use my abstract sheet of collage paper that we all made from a Whole Food's Grocery bag and cover my book boards for a new journal for my Morning pages.  Seem I've got about one or two more days. It is such a part of my morning I really do have a hard time if I miss...very rarely to I. 

If you can see the little Spirit Ladder leaning on the Journal....and the three cards were gifts from a new student  and old friends.  How dear of them love them all. 

While we started each day for the first three with a Morning Collage mediation I figured I would too. Digging out of a magazine box I went and right away grabbed a black piece and cut a circle.  I was inspired by this big black circle one of my student's made with a paint brush and had about 5 of them on a paper.   So I quickly made one this morning with in the affect of the dry brush looking the best I could with cutting out the magazine papers free hand.

Cycle Energy this morning's Mediation was about.

As the day begins I will be sending good thoughts out to all those what have passed in service to protect our country and their families that are left behind in mourning their loss, plus  all those elders that came before us and passed on too...that their energies will live on in us and we can come back to a good way. I think of my father in law as he has passed 10 years now.  Wasn't in service but he was a presence in our family that stood by his morals and values...we all miss him.  

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