Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Overwhelmed is an understatement

I received this letter yesterday at the end of a very productive busy day from a very wonderful workshop weekend.  I keep thinking that this abundance thing that is happening has the valve open all the way, there's a flow is non stop....no ebb around me...So when I opened this letter I tried to function as best I could...the family just got hot dogs for dinner...well whom ever was home every was home that is...I was pooped and feeling grateful with a stunned awe.

 Then I've received  many video's of models walking down a run way with clothing that have my art work on them I put this together because,  Ercan sent it to me in segments. 

I had to take a walk this morning and walk I did...listening to the sounds,breathing in the cool crisp air...swinging my arms and getting my swag going to a nice rhythm.  I keep thinking about the person that nominated me and who is it and I wanted to thank them and bless them with all good things....it doesn't feel deserving at all....Why me?

So now the hardest part of this is I have to write and put this into words... The grant applications that is. I'm going to be calling on my family to read and reread things...cause God knows it's not one of my strengthens...I've made contact with the application site...once you hit the button that's it no more come back- they give you save buttons...SCARY....

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  1. Laura, I'm really behind in my blog reading so I just saw this! Awesome Awesome Awesome! It's all so well deserved! Keep that creativity valve WIDE open!! So fun to watch your journey.


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