Sunday, April 03, 2016

Moments of Creativity/Spirituality

Yesterday and this morning I played around with these Haiku's for the hours of the day. The source of this all is from Psalms (119:164). Which is all very new to me.  I've not read the bible nor to I plan to and I'm not a poet and I've just juggle around and subtracted out words from the Week 4 in The Artist's Rule book.  My life is so much more then just making "The Art" and I'm really grateful I've allowed myself the moments like these to stretch into the spirituality that makes itself present in my life.  Personal sharing are a most for me when moments arise and I do them quite often on the blog. All part of the self-expression. (the need to do that I'm still trying to figure out)   From a young age something about the earth, through the teaching from my dad and mom to the scouting years and then to my own need to be in solitude that brought me to nature and always connecting to tribal people that lived on and off the lands.  Nature is my Religion and the Earth is my Church concept was set early on without really any super guidance. Just felt natural and the way it should be.  So reading this book really allows me to get to deep knowing and better perspective about life, art and art, life stuff.  

To the skies I see this morning moving over fast....

Sky Above Clouds IV 1965 Georgia O'Keeffe 

Vigils: Night
Rest in periods of unknowing
Below the surface there is peaceful knowledge
Surrender, Listen, wisdom of night

Lauds: Dawn

Begin again, experiences of inspiration
Breathe into the small of each day
To invite possibly and discovery

Terce: Morning

Reflect, plan, work, shape, assign
Morning is time of possibility and promise
Creative work, expressing and giving

Sext: Noon

Work, Invite pause, makes sense
Enter in, build upon the morning energy
Burning a blaze, enthusiasm through offerings

None: Mid-Afternoon

We gain a wise heart
Shadows begin to lengthen, reflect on limitation
Cherish in wonder and beauty

Vespers: Evening

Sacred hour when evening begins
Gifts of the day and forgive hurts
Releasing the work of doing

Compline: Night

Deeply I go down, Dark
The hour brings us back full circle
Invite the moment, rest, and renewal

Widening: Circles

Rise, fall like ebb and flow
Live life in healing rhythms that honor
Delightful play, pleasures of rest.

Bring it all together and not separate is a goal of mine, Creativity/Spirituality ~ 

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  1. Beautiful, inspiring post Laura thank you


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