Monday, April 11, 2016

Floating Collage Day 3 - Naperville Art League

 Removing the Glazing.
 Lisa working on the base of the floating collage.

 Tom shadowing the papers after glazing.

 Tom's piece (sorry about the glare in the process of making these piece with the tack iron till you put a varnish coat on them it will be glossy.

 Denise's piece, she embellished it with some leaf beads that dangle, There are two section to this piece when looking straight on it's hard to see the raised level but it's there in each one of these lovely Floating collages.

 Paula's Tree piece.
 Nancy parents or grandparents...

 Chris's lovely moving ball collage.

 Little extra one from Nancy.

Eileen's piece, she said she's still working on it. Lovely start.

 Marion's rich earthly one, she tried the burlap to see how ti would work with the tack iron.  Nicely done.
 Eve's husband is a pilot so this has some special moments in it.

 Jan's little fun one.
 Patsy piece which she as a set goal to use found object that she found laying out in the environment.
 Lisa's piece which she is still working on.

And I there were a few other but my camera skills not the best and it was too blurry to post.

I had to take the top level off and move it over a bit because as i see this the blossom is in the middle like a clown nose...I'll be working on that shortly but still happy with how all these student's work turned out.  The personality stay and were allow to flourish. Make's my heart sing~

Great Workshop went by way to fast as they always do.

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