Monday, March 07, 2016

Viewing New Composition Work Week 2

I've been working right along side each week with a class and I couldn't help myself but fall in line with my students.  Here is my image from last week, I'm posting all the viewfinder images, sketches and the art work I've created along with it.  The class will be working with the sketches for another week before the final assignment on the watercolor paper.  We are sticking with just magazines...but I'm hearing there hard to come by.  I just wanted to have everyone use the same paper source and so there's  not distractions about all the other papers people would be using. Crazy but us mixed media collage artist Ooh and Ahh over stuff like that and loose focus really fast. 
But then maybe that's just me. 

 Sketch 1- working the gray scale and picking up hints of the patterns I this point of exploring things do not need to look like the viewfinder image.  In fact that wouldn't be right...the push to explore different ways, sizes etc are encouraged.  Make it yours  by the choices you make and it becomes your style and kind of art.

Sketch 2- was created no sign of bricks in this one but horizontal and shapes amplified and distorted.   

The Art work created from the sketch 2 as a reference, All papers altered in some way and coated with polymer medium, graphite crayon used along with glazing and splattering. final size 14 x 14. 

This week We are to turned the viewfinder reference image to a different angle to see how this might inspire me. 

My Sketch that was inspired by the reference. Each and ever time I distort something else and explore the hints and nudges come from the intuitive signal I'm hearing form the artist inside of me. Each time I do these there are areas I like and areas I don't...hard for some to show the ones that just don't cut in my book but it's much more it's about knowing what you like and don't like and looking for ways to get it work in you art.  Problem solving... 

This weeks art work from the viewfinder in a the vertical direction. This will got out in my email weekly newsletter as "Let it Flow"  something I was thinking about all day long and to let what is inspired to flow.  The reference was a viewfinder shot of a wall with horizontal sections on the wall.  And there was bricks slightly visible.  Here I play with the brick shape by cutting it out of the papers and also adding them on top of other papers. 


  1. You are such an inspiration Laura,your work is so amazing,blessings

  2. What is the gauzey stuff? Is it actual gauze or is it printed on paper?

    1. Hi Janet it is a stamp that I have that looks like gauze that I stamped on..then I took a fineline applicator and draw out the extra line and squiggles. I could have painted gauze and glued it on but it was intuitive actions I took and stamped.


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours