Friday, March 25, 2016

Trust walk....

Been a bit on the faith and trust  walk with this one....

Our Big boy, Hank-Great Dane now going to be 6 in July...had to believe it seems like we just got him.  He's having some problems with his one back leg...took him in and well they couldn't get him to calm down so that could Lay him down on a table and check out his leg.  Mind you he's 130lbs. and is 36 " at the shoulders.  So it wasn't a good experience last week.

Suggestion was to make an appointment to have sedated so they could get an  x-ray of what was might be going on. Go home and see who things are for the week and call and make an appointment if nothing gets better.  Well my gut said when I got home to make an appointment the next day and for the week it seem to get some what better.  The Vet said could be torn ACL, Soft Tissue tear or Bone Cancer...which is common in this bigger dogs...

Yesterday was the day...brought him in at 7 am...he was not happy to be there kept pulling for the door which meant I was right behind him...And then the girls took hold of him which took two of them to pull him back...I know I had to leave but turned and looked behind me to see him looking over the counter at me...damn, that hurt but I walked out the door.   Little did I know that all the pulling and digging in to the tile floors...not really but looked like was making things worse in his legs.

I went home Asking God to help with the hurting and powerlessness I was feeling at that moment...more tear shead....and to self talk and tell myself that we will know soon what is going on with his left leg and why he's doesn't want to up full weight on would be coming soon.

Got busy at home with things...dishes, folding laundry 11:00 I was wondering how things were going they said two hours...I dropped him off at I called and they said the were just about to sedate him and the were having problems with trying to get his weight....I said we weighed him when I was there...well the vet wanted another reading on his weight.  For sure to make sure the know how much sedative to give him.   And they would call when done.

Around 12 Noon they called and we found out the news...thought it was bone cancer till they looked at the other knee and seen the same thing then the found that he had some very old ACL tears and scar tissue and that what it really is, is bad Arthritis.   So bad they called the other vet in to see and confirm.   All that pulling and big dane leggs going out every where (picture Bambi in black) is why he's so sore now and they did a hip examine too where they lay him on his back and got an X-Ray....

No surgery to be done for the ACL much arthritis but good meds for the pain and inflammation and chewy Bioflex-Ultra Advanced joint conditions....which I've given Carl our senior some too as I'm sure he's got issue too.

Happy to say our family drama and all is settling in to the Couch now....he got up there by himself this morning...with out the back legs giving out.  

The husbands way of dealing with his feeling is  to blame the vet...I listen and see he's trying to deal with how his dog is not as healthy and hurting now.  I had wanted to get mad at the vet, too but also know our big boy is so sensitive that being away from us all is very traumatic.  

I didn't realize how much I would be effected by made it through and on to the healing... The Vet even said that she's known Hank since he was 28 lbs...just a little thing when he came in around 3 1/2 months old.


  1. Hope your pup feels better soon. I feel exactly as you do when I have to take my much smaller cairn terrier to the vet. I feel like I'm leaving a three-year-old.

    1. Thanks Mary....I didn't realize how it effected me so much...getting so much softer in life, but for all the right reason...the love of a other, be if a four legged, winged one or a human right? Thanks for sharing bring comfort to my heart.

  2. So happy for you..and Hank...that it wasn't cancer and that the meds are helping. He looks well loved and that's the best medicine of all.


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