Sunday, March 27, 2016

Start a New Morning Page Journal

This morning, before the house wakes up I sit and spill out my thoughts and feelings on paper with a pens just like this journal above. I've finish one, filled the pages with words and gestural marks from my hands.  Tomorrow I will start new this this one.  I use what every scraps are left over and tack them down  and then stick my little heart out at night time when I watch the TV...not for long because I'm usually in bed around 9:00.

It is Easter Sunday Morning and I will be hosting a small Easter breakfast, Crepes are made and will be warmed up with lots of bacon and some blue berry breakfast sausage. Hard boiled eggs were made but none dyed...I just left them brown as the are.  Well best to start getting ready...need a shower and then prepare the table...etc.

Filling very full of life and grateful.

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