Thursday, March 31, 2016

Art Exhibit-Reception-Horsebackriding

  Yesterday I had planned on visiting this exhibit and then heading over for my horseback riding lesson.  So glad I went. Beautiful works, I quickly snapped up a few of my favorites there. 

 This is a Claudia Craemers.

 Amy Van Winkle
Samantha Haring

And to report....I trotted pretty good the whole way and got some good Cantor riding too....I was told it looks really good Laura..but your on the Wrong Leg as of what I was to follow the horse with....Darn it....Wonderful mistakes...Mean's I'm learning.

Each week I try to focus on one things this week it was when I do the trot 1...2...1...2 as of getting up and down with the horse on the correct leg that is against the arena wall...was doing pretty good...but had moments of lapse.   I signed up for another 5 lessons.

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