Saturday, February 27, 2016

Self Guided - Flash Cards, what's that all about?

 Here's a question..What would it mean for you to dance, make art, write poetry, and pray purely for  delight in the act of creation?

Well yesterday being that I'm working through the book The Artists Rule with a group of artists in person and on line...we were to make these three cards...creative art of watercolor and magazines to a collage.  And the idea popped into my head to break up my vision board in to six 5 x 7 images and I glued them to watercolor paper, 6 x 8 and I had these perfect size plastic sleeves to slip them in.  I honestly feel goofy kind of weird but happy that I was doing this for the question up above for the pure delight.  So then I thought with the questions that are ask I can print the out and glue stick them to the back of the cards and have them.  My oldest daughter who has also done a vision board...she's a creative spirit too said Mom there adult flash cards.  We laughed...

So hear is card number 1,

This morning I sat with it after my morning pages and look at it not questioning why I picked what I did or it pick me but to look at it in a way of understanding and guidance.  I'm a gal that like to see and believe in signs and symbols...old ways possible but it works for me.
  • Crow-is always symbol of restoring balance. 
  • Books shelves- loaded with books, I struggle with writing and reading but I do love them my hands, the smell and the way the pages look and then there is the inspirations and knowledge that is shared by reading them. Bonus is then the book club and people we share them with. 
  • The words Lost and Found-  I think if ebb and flow, swaying from this side to the other. My personal spiritual journey is a continued lost and found relationship and I'm very accepting of that.  Feeling like I'm lost and then it passes and I'm found  and begin again. 
  • The dream catcher- I've activated on that and will complete it soon, I've purchased material to complete the finishing touches of all the long tale of it and I was given crow feather and I have flicker woodpecker feathers to hang in the stream of ribbons.  What does that symbolize to me? I know what it is used for but what does it symbolize...I'm hoping it will be revealed to me. 
  • Feather your Nest- I can't help but think of Forest Gump movie and the spirit in the feather that floats around.  My personal thought is to invite the spirit into my life more, bring the gentle unfolding and let it fill up my home. 
  • It's strange how you can easily adapt to the rhythm of nature and fine peace.  Can't say any more to that it's stated and the truth for me. 
  • The hands holding the object with the three balls embedded in the square...Circle-wholeness, Square- stability. The hands holding this creation what beauty in being a Maker of Things.  
  • The words, "I let myself be guided by what paint and gravity do to the materials" for me this means I have to be in a place and state to be guided and reminded of that and once I'm there not always does it work out the final project but it's the state of process that I'm longing for. 
So another questions I'm pondering is...Where are the places and practices in your life where the way of a monk and the path of an artist merge? Where do they challenge one another? 

Not always good with these questions but excited to throw them up and see what comes...staying open and inspired to the whole creative process. 

My Personal Notes from: The Artists Rule book-Week Two

Off to go out to breakfast and pick up art from Members Winter Exhibit at Elmhust Artists' Guild and to had to Bourbonnisa for an exhibit.


  1. or they could be Soul Collage Cards. I like the idea of making a whole pack of Personal Oracle cards, and go as far as scanning and printing them onto cardstock.

  2. I love the concept of these cards! I'm inspired to try making some of my own! Thanks for sharing, Laura!!


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