Friday, February 12, 2016

Painted pony...War pony..Painted mares... series

I have a few video's of the walk this morning but I'll have to show them later.  After walking came in to the family and all the good conversations, listened for a bit and then head up stairs.  Been working on this for a good  5 hours today...I keep hearing be true to yourself, and that self has a very whimsy imagination but one of great truth. I've been told that I might have a hard time distinguishing. between the real an illusion real...a little dysfunctional is all but with a young heart. There is still much to be done...the leaves and tree are of a shag-bark hickory that I see in the wood where I walk all the time. There are two more areas of color blocking that I have to work with then the small details will come in and the shadowing...grateful for the studio time today...

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