Monday, February 29, 2016

Intentionally Done

 Viewfinder image with drawn lines and squiggles.

 Collage sketch of viewfinder image.

 Collage on watercolor taken from viewfinder image.

Turned it right side up and decided to work on it this way...

 Layer of glazing and shadowing with graphite crayon next.

 splatter were added and some extra thin lines here and there.
Collage added to the wood panel. 

 Paper was left over and I made a journal. Front page.
Front and back of the journal. 

On my vision board the words were that made themselves present to me were. " I let myself be guided by what paint and gravity do to material."  with the viewfinder reference I took a leap and went for it all to see what would happen. The thoughts of being guided was very strong...working the vision board. 


  1. This is so neat. What was the viewfinder from--a camera? I really like the collage.

    1. Oh Mary the viewfinder was a hand made one. and then scan the magazines for something that you like and go from there.

  2. Laura, it is really helpful to see the whole process, thank you. The journal cover is beautiful. It is so modern looking and tastefully done. I am currently taking your class.

    1. Yes Jane, We are working towards this but we have few more steps and exploring to do yet. So happy your in the class too.

  3. Both journal and wall piece are beautiful. When I look at the panel, I see a butterfly and cattails. You can't go wrong with that color combination. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your process.

    1. Hi Sue,

      It sure does look like a butterfly and cattails...didn't see that till you pointed it out... Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Laura
    I love your work and have followed your blog for a while. Could you tell me what the 'vision board' is please?

    1. HI Lynn,

      Instead of setting goals this year like a lot of art business coach and asking of us I decided to be more visual with my intentions. I do like to stay on task so I do like to see what I can do. But I wanted to take the Edge off the "Have to do's" and allow a more natural flow to life and my work. So some where I got wind of vision board. Did some research on line and Found Christine Kane's information helpful. Then I did my own things. and here

      I had an idea of the direction I should go in...slow down and enjoy life a bit more and trust. And life always works better when I connect to a bigger source and let it unfold instead of stressing my life out and doing crazy everyday. Most days people don't know this is going on in my head and life. Well I'm rambling now but if feels good to go to the big board and look at stay focused and stay ground. Hope this helps.


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours